IBM Security Guardium is a leading Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and Database Vulnerability Assessment (VA) tool. IBM Guardium provides a highly scalable architecture with the ability to integrate with structured and unstructured databases. It supports most of the popular databases, data warehouses, mainframe and applications. It helps customers to discover, classify, monitor & protect sensitive data across on-premises and cloud data stores.

Find when, where, how and who is accessing the data.

Visualize data across heterogenous databases and drill down to understand

the root cause.

➤ Block suspicious activities. Suspend and shutdown unauthorized sessions. Identify inside and outside threats.

Mask sensitive data and prevent unwanted access using query rewrite. Ensure data audit compliance using prebuilt workflows and comprehensive reporting.

➤ Ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance. Identify vulnerabilities on databases with comprehensive tests and generate detailed reports with solutions for remediating vulnerabilities.

About Unicorp Technologies LLC

Unicorp is an established leader in the cybersecurity space with 15 years of experience in UAE. Unicorp offers a suite of technology-driven, customer centric services that enables customers to experience the high-level technical support required for an end-to-end cybersecurity solution. A commitment to our core values has helped Unicorp build long-term, value-centric relationships with customers and become one of the next-generation technology companies.

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